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Daf Hashavuah



Weekday Services July 27-31

AM & PM service@ CBI
1630 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Morning:  Sun 8:00 am • M-F 6:30 am
Evening: Sun-Th 6:35 pm  

Friday Evening, July 25th
Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat @ CBI 7:00 pm
Northside Minyan 7:00 pm
   1209 Shattuck Ave. (east side of the street, past Oak Park, near Eunice)
Candle Lighting 8:06 pm  

Saturday, July 26th
Morning Service 9:15 am
Torah Reader: Boaz Haberman, Yonim Schweig
Haftorah Reader: Justin Sweet
Educational Programming   11:00 am
     Yeladim: Rona Teitelman
     Shul Club: Lou Schubert
     Yard supervisor: Sarah Bloom
Sermon by R. Cohen: The Painful Significance of the Journey
Tot Shabbat @ magic carpet 11:15 am
Shabbat Mincha 7:50 pm
Seudah Shelishit  8:05 pm
Ma’ariv, Havdalah & Shabbat ends after 9:07 pm

Jeremy & Rachel Evnine
, in honor of the -11th anniversary of their grandson Rafael’s bar mitzvah (it's never too early to hear one's parsha!)
Sheba and Justin Sweet

Laura Lipman

Sun. night & Mon., July 27th – 28th
Shacharit 6:30 am

Friday Evening, August 1st
Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat @ CBI 7:00 pm
Northside Minyan 7:00 pm
   1209 Shattuck Ave. (east side of the street, past Oak Park, near Eunice)
Candle Lighting 8:00 pm   

Saturday, August 2nd
Morning Service 9:15 am
Torah Reader: Glenn Massarano
Haftorah Reader: Uriel Sudikoff
Educational Programming   11:00 am
     Yeladim: Tania Schweig
     Talmidim A: Irene Resnikoff
     Yard supervisor: Sarah Bloom
Sermon by R. Cohen:
Rabbi Nachman Teaching with Rabbi Eliahu Klein 6:30 pm
We will study Reb Nachman's teachings on Healing Peace and Unity. Everybody Invited.
Shabbat Mincha 7:45 pm
Seudah Shelishit  8:00 pm
Ma’ariv, Havdalah & Shabbat ends after 9:00 pm 

The Schickman Family
in observance of the yarhrzeit of Mark's father, Yaakov Mayer Ben Chaim Shlomo

Cory Isaacson & Avi Zinn

SerachBracha Richards will be in the office daily from Wednesday, August 6 through Tuesday, August 19th from 10 am to 3 pm. 

Mon. night & Tues., August 4th – 5th

Monday night, August 4th
Fast begins 8:11 pm
Mincha 8:15 pm
Ma’ariv & Eicha  8:35 pm

Tuesday, August 5th
Shacharit for Tisha B’Av  8:00 am
Kinnot 9:00 am
Special Tisha B’Av community learning  10:00 am
Chatzot (midday)  1:15 pm
Mincha with Tallit & Tefilin  7:40 pm
Maariv & Fast ends 8:47 pm


Sunday Morning Talmud Class 
A class structured to appeal to Talmud students of all levels, from beginners to more experienced. 
On hiatus
Sunday, 9:00-10:00 a.m. 


Women’s Dance Nights at CBI!
Come dance to a blend of world music, jazz, klezmer, hip hop and more.  No moves to remember, no cost either.... Just a chance to let loose and get some good exercise in a fun way! 

2nd & 4th Mondays @ 8:00 pm 

Jewish Writings of Emmanuel Levinas
The Levinas Study Group meets at 8 pm every Wednesday at the Schweig home to discuss
various essays of the Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas.  No background necessary. The class is facilitated by our resident scholar, Muni Schweig.
Muni Schweig - 1st, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 8:00 p.m.


Mishmar – Learners’ Night 
Join a Beit Misrash atmosphere for a weekly night of learning at CBI. We will do our best to match you up with a chevrutah
(study partner) or chavurah (a group of learners) for some free wheelin’, meaningful and personal text seeking and learning. 
Thursdays, 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.


Talmudic Wisdom:
Join us for a weekly class that explores key sugyot (talmudic units) that discuss major Jewish questions of practice and thought.   On hiatus
R. Yonatan Cohen - Fridays, 9:00 a.m.



In Beth Israel  

Kam Family Simchat Bat: With Homeless Shelter:  Thanks to our CBI & Netivot volunteers for doing the holy work of feeding the homeless at the Berkeley Men’s Shelter last Wednesday.  Kol Ha Kavot to Ednah Beth Friedman, Hannah Lesser, Joe Schickman, Ronna Bach, Fran Quittel, Marge Green (and Rabbi Simcha Green for a wonderful drash), Linda Gordon, Carol Cunradi, Malcolm Feeley, and Terry & Olga Gordon for all of their efforts. 
You can help us by volunteering for next month’s dinner (August 27) at this link and/or by donating to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.


Torah Flora: Science, Nature, and Torah
Biblical and Talmudic Botanist Dr. Jon Greenberg

Saturday, August 9 at CBI

Two lectures as part of Shabbat morning services. Admission is free and open to the public.
Biblical and Talmudic botanist Dr. Jon Greenberg of  will present his uniquely entertaining and educational blend of science and Torah.

Some Puzzles, Curiosities, and Solutions in Science, Nature, and Torah
Short talk (10-15 minutes) following Torah reading.  Topics include:
♦ Why do nearly all English Bible translations say that Noah built his ark of “gopher wood” if there is no gopher tree? What material did he use, and why is it called ”gopher”?
♦ How do science and Torah differ on the identity of the “fruit of a beautiful tree” (etrog)? Are they converging? Does it matter? The etrog problem as a theological Rorschach test
Civil Wars, the Liberal Arts, and the Social Security System: Lessons from the Olive Tree
45-60 minute lecture following services. Enjoy a hearty kiddush and learn about:
♦ Why did the olive-oil menorah become the symbol of Chanukah? It was not the only candidate.
♦ How does the Talmud use olives as a life lesson for foodies and academics?
♦ Olive trees as a model for parents and children in the book of Psalms
When did Jews begin to eat olives? 
Is there a Biblical example of anyone eating an olive?

About Dr. Greenberg
Jon Greenberg earned his Ph.D. in agronomy at Cornell University, studied at Yeshivat HaMivtar in Jerusalem, and conducted research at the US Dept. of Agriculture and University of Pennsylvania. He speaks frequently at synagogues and botanical gardens and writes about plants, nature, and agriculture in Torah at Contact: 

This silver sage plant (Salvia argentea) looks almost exactly like the menorah of the ancient Temple, down to its oil lamp-shaped flowers. The Temple Mount is known in Hebrew as Har HaMoriah (“Sage Hill”). The Torah almost always mentions the incense and the menorah together. What does this mean?

Beth Israel Sisterhood Invites You To A

SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 • 6:00 PM •  @ CBI
$40/person • RSVP by August 10 • Limited Seating
With a discussion led by L'Chaim Sushi founder Rabbi Alex Shandrovsky
Focusing on the parallel between the values of kosher and sustainability.
Reserve your Dinner reservations • Limited Seating
If you cannot attend the event, you may order sushi pick up.
Orders must be placed by August 10. Minimum order of $30.
Pickup between 5-6:00 pm • August 17
Send checks payable to Beth Israel Sisterhood •
Sara Darmoni, 969 Tulare, Berkeley, CA 94707
Questions • Sara Darmoni • 

SCRIP: We have scrip for many hotels and retail stores, including Afikomen, REI, Barnes & Noble, Amazon. Order from Naomi at Also, Order at or email  Naomi Stamper, Ruth Wittman or Rebecca Landes

Donate your car/boat/vehicle to Beth Israel/Midrasha. Full tax write off. Beth Israel/Midrasha share proceeds from sale. Contact David: 510-849-0961 or Midrasha 510-843-4667.

In the Community

Jscreen @ UC Berkeley Campus, August 24-25, 10am - 4pm: Jscreen, a Jewish genetic disease screening program, will be performing screenings on-site at Berkeley’s annual Caltopia at a discounted rate of $25 (while supplies last). Single? Dating? Growing your family? Just curious? Join us! @myJScreen @GettyOwl. Go to to learn more and to pre-register for your spit kit. Walk-ins are welcome, too. Just make sure to bring your health insurance card, and do not eat or drink for 30 minutes prior. Email to find out how to get a kit mailed to you.


 Israel Focus
For your interest, information, protest, or counter-protest

Israel Focus is designed to inform our members about a broad range of local area events concerning Israel.  It is expected that you will find events that you would support and others that you would not, yet we trust that they will all inform.  Beth Israel does not necessarily endorse any particular event.

In Southern Israel, you only have 15 seconds to find shelter from Hamas rockets. Sunday Aug 3 late morning in San Francisco we are planning a flash mob (see online Daf Hashavuah).  If you'd like to participate, please let me know

San Francisco Bay Area Stands With Israel Solidarity Rally
When: Sunday, August 3, 12:00-2:00
Where: Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco (Polk between McAllister and Grove)

Please join the Israel Cultural Connection of the Palo Alto JCC, StandWithUs/San Francisco Voice for Israel, ZOA West, and other supporters of Israel on Sunday as we take our message to the heart of San Francisco. 

We invite you to submit announcements for inclusion in Israel Focus to the office at Announcements will be edited for length and content (to comply with the Announce List Guidelines.

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